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Manual Lens Cleaner

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Have long nails? Not clean enough? Try this!

The cute size makes it good for travelling too.

Size: 5.0cm x 3.2cm

Replacement Period: Best within 3 months (for lens case and tools)

Includes: Cap, holders, body.

Processing Time: 1 ~ 2 working days

How to Use

  1. Add contact lens solution into the bottle up to the minimum mark listed.
  2. Open and place your contact lenses in the holders.
  3. Close the holders and insert the cap back into the bottle and close it.
  4. Twist the top colored part of the cap back and forth around 30 seconds to clean your contact lenses.

- Colors are randomly given according to stock availability for this item.


The replacement period stated is the suggested period you can use under proper care. Most lens cases are advised to dispose around 3 months period due to hygiene reasons.

Please see our wear and care section for better guidelines. By purchasing this product, you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

Actual color/effect may differ due to various reasons.

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