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Disclaimer for 16.0mm lenses

Largest Eye Enlarging Contact Lenses?

Throughout the years, we have heard that i.Fairy and KimChi brands have contact lenses with 16.0mm diameter, which is said to be one of the largest eye enlarging everyday contact lenses available.

Many customers come to us asking for recommendations of contact lenses in 16.0mm because they are looking for contact lenses that could enlarge their eyes a lot. Usually these customers tend to avoid all other "smaller" contact lenses, believing them to have less effect on eye enlargement.

But is it true?

How Big is 16.0mm?

In order to know if the diameter is actually 16.0mm, we have decided to make a simple comparison between different diameters of contact lenses. The comparison will be a general reference for all contact lenses under i.Fairy and KimChi brands which are stated to be 16.0mm in diameter.

For the comparison, we are using Fynale Stars Gold for 14.0mm diameter, Dollycon Rave Turquoise for 14.5mm diameter, i-CODI E.clipse CO4-01 Brown for 15.0mm diameter, and lastly KimChi Maki Yellow for 16.0mm diameter.

diameter.jpgAs much as we trust the results of the comparison, we could not guarantee absolute accuracy.

Results from the Comparison?

1. Even being just 0.5mm apart, the difference is significantly obvious.

  • Check comparison B (top row, center).
  • Check comparison E (bottom row, center).
  • We can distinguish which is larger in size, but the difference is not great.

2. Being 1.0mm apart, the difference is very obvious.

  • Check comparison C (top row, right).
  • We can easily distinguish which is larger in size under plain eyesight.
  • The difference is more obvious than those having 0.5mm apart.

3. Somehow being more than 1.0mm apart, comparisons A and D are not as obvious as expected.

  • Check comparison A (top row, left).
  • Check comparison D (bottom row, left).
  • The difference is not great for comparison A even with a whopping 2.0mm difference in size.
  • The difference seems less than those 0.5mm apart for comparison D even being 1.5mm apart.
  • This result does not match with our findings in #1 and #2.

4. Special case of comparison F (bottom row, right).

  • We found that 15.0mm (E.clipse) is larger than 16.0mm (KimChi).
  • The difference is very minimal and almost impossible to be identified under plain eyesight.
  • This result does not match with any of our findings.
  • The logic of the result does not even follow normal mathematics.

5. Conclusion after summarizing our findings:

  • It is not possible for KimChi Maki Yellow to be 16.0mm in diameter.
  • KimChi Maki Yellow is very likely to be 14.8mm instead.

Explanation on 16.0mm?

Even though KimChi Maki Yellow is not 16.0mm in diameter as stated on its label, we can assure you that this does not mean that it is fake or faulty. The stated "16.0mm diameter" is probably an older measuring method where it represents the eye enlargement effect instead of the actual diameter of the contact lenses. Most of our contact lenses in store are measured by their diameters (size) and not the effect, hence the difference in sizes.

This also explains why newer models from i.Fairy brand are no longer labelled as 16.0mm in diameter. If you observe, only older models of i.Fairy brand are labelled to have 16.0mm diameter. KimChi brand does not have new models ever since, so its contact lenses are still labelled as 16.0mm.

The contact lenses labelled under "16.0mm diameter" will still have enlargement effect, but we would say that contact lenses under 15.0mm diameter would have better eye enlargement effect. We hope you find this article useful in choosing the right contact lenses for your eyes.

Thank you!

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